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Experience unfathomed passion, forward-thinking and creativity working with Copynet
Copynet Business Technology is a reputable IT support company in Sydney, dedicated to empowering businesses with managed IT and print solutions.

We are constantly on the lookout for passionate, smart and driven individuals who can add value to our company – and their lives – with their innovative thinking and skills.

Why Work With Copynet?

Copynet is a brand – a company that acts locally but thinks global. Through vast industry knowledge and experience, we have carved a strong footprint in our niche, offering a fully-integrated suite of IT support and managed printing solutions.

However, that isn’t just why you should pursue a career with us. It is our core values, culture and ethos that will inspire you to be proudly a part of our team.

There’s something unique about us. We think out-of-the-box and enjoy taking up challenges. So if you are bored of cookie-cutters and want to take up a job that challenges you every day, we’re the one. We foster an employee-centric corporate culture to continuously motivate and inspire our ever-dynamic team of professionals.

Here’s a glimpse of how Copynet values its team and makes the people feel special –

  • Encourage our people to realise their full potential and constantly work towards improving the same
  • Provide challenging, skill-oriented and innovative work that people will feel inspired to work upon
  • Recognise achievements and celebrate success together since our people are our biggest assets
  • Foster integrity, honesty and trust among all
  • Provide personalised and flexible work arrangements
  • Inspire community involvement

Values Etched Deep from Day One

Since our onset, our core values have characterised our intrinsic connections with our people, our customers and how we treat each other. The values that proudly define Copynet are- Communication, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Passion and Fun.

We value our customers. But at the core, our people are the ones who lay the foundation of our company's success. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned and vouch for our values to make every employee become an integral part of the company.

Copynet isn’t the ones who dictate; rather, we brainstorm together with our teams to ideate solutions that add value to our clients and make our company stand ahead in the competition.

Perks & Benefits

Working with Copynet will definitely be your first-time-ever experience. We believe their success is our success and therefore, our employee perks & benefits are pre-programmed to inspire and motivate them for improved performance. Here’s how we will make you count every second that you spend working with our company:

  • Participate in events: Our events will boost your constructive thinking and help to ideate out of the box.
  • Career growth: In-house HR development coaches will nurture your knowledge & skills for lucrative career growth or even a job swap!
  • Sharing success with you: We offer an attractive yearly bonus every time we achieve our goals; not you’re individual KPIs.
  • Flexibility: Where else would you find such awesome flex working hours and work-from-home opportunities.
  • Wellness: Stay hale and hearty with our medical benefits and a healthy work environment.

Interested to work with us? Drop in your C.V at info@copynet.com.au or call us at 1800-820-074 today.