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Document Management Services

Document Management Services

At COPYNET, we offer best-in-class document management solution that helps startups and large enterprises efficiently manage bulk volumes of business-critical data

Improve Business Productivity with a ‘Paperless’ Office System

Business can happen anywhere and at any time. Make smarter business decisions on the go and improve the productivity of your entire team by digitising, securing and accessing your information – from anywhere, at any time and on any device. At COPYNET, we empower businesses by helping them overcome paper clutter through effective document management solution.

Bulk paper documents can be a major impediment to operational efficiency for businesses of any type and complexity. Printed documents not only cause more office clutter but can significantly increase your overhead costs too. Additionally, information security always remains a major concern with paper documents. For your team, the inability to access the right data at the right time can affect their productivity, thus, lowering your business profits.

COPYNET Business Technology has expertise in helping businesses make the transition to a more productive and reliable paperless office system. We make the process as seamless, efficient and fast as possible for your entire organisation – reducing clutter, unproductive downtime, and increased costs.

Stay Competitive with Tailored Document Management System

Here’s how our document management solution can help your business:

Accurate, Error-free Indexing

We leverage a robust document management system that gives the utmost importance to indexing. Therefore, we ensure all your business-critical information is processed, digitised and stored in a precise and error-free manner.

Quick and Easy Data Retrieval

Bulk paper documents are processed, managed and stored in a way that facilitates quick and simple data retrieval, even on the go. This helps improve the productivity of your team and aids in faster decision making.

Updated Document Management System

We continuously upgrade our document management system, making it easier for our clients to store and retrieve their essential data. It also helps keep your data more secure and gain a competitive advantage.

Improved Security

By getting rid of voluminous paper documents and digitising your business-critical data, we help achieve improved security. Through an upgraded system, we ensure your data is stored, managed, retrieved and shared in the most secure manner.

Bespoke Document Management Solution for Every Business

Document management is an integral element for businesses to augment operational efficiency, reduce costs and stay competitive. Our expert team will work with you to identify the bottlenecks and how our document management solution can integrate with your existing systems and help add value to your business. Here’s how we help businesses efficiently manage their documents:

Electronic Filing System

COPYNET provides a best-in-class electronic filing system that is customised to meet your document management needs. The system is robust, fast and efficient – allowing you to securely store all your data electronically. Say good-bye to paper clutter and access all your documents instantly on any device.

OCR Technology

Through Optical Character Recognition technology, we allow you to seamlessly convert all your paper documents into electronic data that can be searched, edited and retrieved easily. Convert scanned documents or read-only PDF files into any desired format like HTML, Excel or Word.

Manage Your Business Data Efficiently and Securely with COPYNET Document Management Solution.

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